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Native Speakers Day

Native Speakers Day at Emil-Dörle-Schule Herbolzheim

As part of an effort to address academic shortfalls caused by the pandemic, German schools have been encouraged to offer creative solutions for any subjects where special needs had been identified. 2021-22 AYF students Nolan Rachocki (MSU), Kaylee McCarthy (MSU), Jessie Wasmund (MSU), Courtney Smith (UM), and Jorge Blanes (UM) supported a regional school’s English program. This is their report: 

Jessie at Native Speakers Day

Throughout the year in Freiburg, a few of us AYFers were able to work with the Emil-Dörle-Schule in Herbolzheim (about 30 minutes away by train) to provide students with more English language immersion and information on the United States.
In the words of Jorge: “Yesterday was really great! From the first moment we spoke to the teachers to when they waved goodbye, I felt really welcome and a positive energy from everyone. They kept saying that they were really excited to have us there, and the kids had prepared questions beforehand so the discussion that followed the presentations was always lively. They treated us really well, and I believe they said they were going to invite us back again! It really was a great time.”
Initially conceived as a single „Native Speakers Day“, our work turned into a deeper, year-long cooperation. We visited grade levels from 5th to 10th grade to either work on materials prepared by the teachers or to present on various topics, such as where we are from or the American school system.
During our time at the Emil-Dörle-Schule we were able to learn more about the German school system and about teaching English to non-native speakers at varying levels. Not only did we befriend

Nolan at Native Speakers Day

some of the students but also some teachers, who were very excited (maybe even more than the students) to have us come to Herbolzheim and assist with their lessons.
Some teachers even invited us for coffee and cake, to play American football, and to a country music concert in Freiburg.
Nolan, Kaylee, Jessie, Courtney, Jorge