Reunion 2023 Registration

The Academic Year in Freiburg and the AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. (the German chapter of the AYF alumni club) are hosting an “AYF @ 60+3” Anniversary Celebration and Reunion from July 6-10, 2023.

The Registration Form for the 2023 Reunion follows at the end of this page

A detailed program description is available on a separate page.

Please register all persons in your party for each event you wish to attend in the registration form that follows below as soon as possible. All alumni should register themselves (plus partner/s, children, close friend/s joining you). Please do not register whole groups of alumni using this form; doing so would likely lead to duplication and unnecessary confusion on our end. This page will be updated and items removed once events are fully booked.

Registration and Fee Information 2023

Since capacities are limited in some venues, since reservations, bookings, and locations may need to be adjusted based on alumni interest, a detailed pre-registration through this Registration Page is required using the form below. We ask that you please register as soon as possible but no later than June 15, 2023. 

As part of registration for this celebratory reunion weekend, we are kindly requesting a contribution of 30 € for each adult in your party to AYF Alumni & Friends, the German Chapter of the AYF Alumni Club.

These funds help defray part of the cost associated with the festivities. Any surplus is a fundraiser earmarked for scholarships and travel grants for current and future AYF students. By celebrating with us, you can ensure that their year with AYF will be as memorable as yours!

AYF Logo T-Shirt Fundraiser

AYF Alumni & Friends, the German chapter of the alumni club, is offering AYF logo T-Shirts for 25 € a piece. All proceeds go toward the alumni club scholarship fund.

Available ash-grey AYF logo T-Shirts in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Pre-order with your reunion 2023 registration and your T-Shirt(s) will be waiting for you at the Welcome Reception on Thursday or the AYF Open House on Friday.

For program alumni who are sadly not able to attend but don’t want to wait for the next big Anniversary Celebration some years down the road, it is possible to make their donation to the AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. and request shipping of AYF T-Shirts for an additional 5 € through the alumni club’s German website.

What to do next and where to go from here …

  • Review Reunion PROGRAM once more on this page.
  • Register for Reunion EVENTS using the FORM BELOW.

Reunion Registration Form  (last updated June 6)

Please provide your contact information and make your selections below. We will be in touch with a separate confirmation email after reviewing your selections to ensure availability. 

    Your first name

    Your last name (current name)

    Your name at birth (if name has changed)

    When did you study in Freiburg?

    What was your home university?

    What is your preferred email address

    What is your current location (city, state, country)
    This is not required for the current signup but helpful for planning future regional reunions and alumni events.


    Please enter 0 or an X if you are NOT planning to attend a particular event or do not plan to order T-Shirts. For everything else, please enter the number of participants planning to join each event.

    Total number in my party

    Number of adults in my party


    I plan to join the Photo Shoot at Stadttheater on Thursday afternoon.

    Opening Celebration and Welcome Reception on Thursday - No. of attendees?


    I plan to attend the Open House on Friday.


    Guided Tour: Freiburg Yesterday and Today @ 11 a.m. - No. of attendees?

    Guided Tour: University Museum @ 11 a.m. - No. of attendees?

    Guided Tour: Karzer / University Jail @ 11 a.m. - No. of attendees?

    Guided Tour: University Library @ 11 a.m. - No. of attendees?

    Guided Tour: Kunst rund um die Universität (auf Deutsch!) @ 11 a.m. - No. of attendees?


    Guided Tour: Freiburg Yesterday and Today @ 2 p.m. - No. of attendees?

    Guided Tour: University Museum @ 2 p.m. - CANCELLED

    Guided Tour: Karzer / University Jail @ 2 p.m. - FULLY BOOKED

    Guided Tour: University Library @ 2 p.m. - No. of attendees?


    Kastaniengarten / Summer Evening in the Biergarten - No. of attendees?


    Guided Tour: Freiburg Memory Culture @ 11 a.m. - FULLY BOOKED

    Guided Tour: Freiburg Memory Culture @ 2 p.m. - No. of attendees?


    Black Forest Badgers Concert at Ganter Biergarten - No. of attendees?


    Hike at Schluchsee

    Lunch / Kaffee und Kuchen break at the Unterkrummenhof - No. of attendees?


    Farewell at AYF Office / Casual Coffee & Danish - No. of attendees?

    AYF LOGO T-SHIRT ORDER - Please enter number of T-Shirts for each size. 0 or X if not applicable.

    I'd like to order size "Small" - No. of size "S" T-Shirts?

    I'd like to order size "Medium" - No. of size "M" T-Shirts?

    I'd like to order size "Large" - No. of size "L" T-Shirts?

    I'd like to order size "Xtra Large" - No. of size "XL" T-Shirts?

    I'd like to order size "XXtra Large" - No. of size "XXL" T-Shirts?


    Is there any additional information you would like us to know at this point?

    Yes, I am registering for the Reunion 2023 and/or ordering T-Shirts as listed above.

    Note: We use a double opt-in procedure to comply with European data protection rules. For each submission you’ll get a separate response email with a link to click as confirmation and to complete your signup – sometimes these automatic emails end up in spam folders. By registering for the Reunion 2023, you are also signing up to receive more information. You are granting permission to the Academic Year in Freiburg to contact you via email with mailings of the AYF Alumni Newsletter (generally 2-3 times per year), alumni club updates, and other pertinent information (e.g., announcement of reunions). You can update your subscription and unsubscribe from the alumni mailing list at any time by using the link to "Change your profile information or unsubscribe" at the bottom of our mailings. Should you experience technical difficulties, please send us an email to and we will assist you. Inquiries about the 2023 Reunion may be directed to