Stay in touch

During your year in Freiburg, you are bound to have made friends with fellow AYFers and German or international students at the University of Freiburg. Stay in touch with these great people – a simple postcard or Skype call could make the friendship last for years into the future. And nothing beats getting together with other AYF alumni for enjoying the afterglow and reflecting on your year abroad!

alumni -- reunion in new york

We are also super excited about the AYF Alumni Club, the official alumni group for all Junior Year and Academic Year in Freiburg students, dedicated to creating connections among alumni generations, helping those among you wishing to return to Germany, assisting with Reunions in Freiburg, and many more important activities and projects.

The AYF Alumni Club has two Chapters. The AYF Alumni Association (AYFAA) is the U.S. Chapter of the AYF Alumni Club, based in the Midwest. AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. (AAAF) is the German chapter of the club,  and it is based in Freiburg.

Both club chapters cooperate closely on how best to support JYF and AYF alumni networking, current and future students, and the Academic Year in Freiburg program. They maintain separate websites that you can access through a joint landing page.

Check out the AYF Alumni Club’s websites and become a member today!

Also, don’t forget to join the official AYF Alumni group on Facebook. We’ll keep you updated on goings-on in Freiburg while allowing you to connect and share your news with hundreds of alumni from the Freiburg program.

For any other information about Reunions in Freiburg, alumni get-togethers, or staying in touch with the program, please head over to the Alumni section of this website.