Scholarship Opportunities

Sources of available funding for study abroad include scholarships, grants and loans. Scholarship support for study abroad is generally very strong, and students are encouraged to apply for scholarships.

A high-profile competitive grant program such as the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship can be used to fund your year in Freiburg with AYF.

Additionally, your home university may have fellowships dedicated to supporting students on and off campus. Please talk to your study abroad advisor about such opportunities on your home campus, including scholarships offered by the AYF Alumni Club’s American and European Chapters.

Below you’ll find a list of other sources of funding for study abroad which can also be applied to AYF. It is not an exhaustive list of all available scholarship opportunities for study abroad. Although we make our best effort to ensure the list is up-to-date, this information changes frequently, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to verify information.

Below you’ll find a list of general financial and study abroad-specific databases: