AYF Policies

During their Academic Year in Freiburg, students are expected to follow the policies of the AYF program, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s International Academic Programs, their university’s study abroad program, University of Freiburg (or other local institution) and the Departments in which courses are being taken, as well as all federal and local laws.

Academic Policies

Students are expected to produce academic work consistent with the regulations provided by the Academic Year in Freiburg, the University of Freiburg (or other local institution), and their home university.

Throughout the year, AYF staff will remind students of major academic deadlines and important policies. However, since requirements and deadlines can vary from one course to the next, it is not possible for AYF program staff to monitor all deadlines and requirements. Students are responsible for following established procedures, for familiarizing themselves with pertinent deadlines and requirements, and for observing announced deadlines and fulfilling requirements in a timely manner.

Students are also expected to familiarize themselves with their home university’s study abroad academic policies and procedures as well as those found in the AYF handbook.

Financial and Billing Policies

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan, Michigan State University and University of Iowa are directed to their study abroad offices for questions regarding billing policies. As each university handles financial matters separately, their own study abroad office will have the most accurate information regarding billing procedures and costs.

Financial information and billing policies for non-consortium students are available in the Money Matters section of this website and on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s program web page.

Code of Conduct

AYF students are expected to uphold a code of conduct that adheres to the rules and regulations of the AYF program, those of the University of Freiburg (or other local institution) and the City of Freiburg as well as those of their home university and their home university’s study abroad office.

In regards to academic integrity infractions and nonacademic misconduct, the Academic Year in Freiburg reserves the right to handle issues independently and/or with the involvement of the student’s home university.