Studying Abroad in Freiburg

We are so glad your student is considering enrolling in or maybe has already decided that they would like to participate in an Academic Year in Freiburg!

AYF offers a very affordable year-long study abroad program with dedicated on-site staff and a long history of success and excellence. It is never too early to begin thinking about study abroad, and we believe that an ongoing conversation between students and their families about studying in Freiburg is very important.

For many students, study abroad is a life-changing experience and can lead to career options or advanced studies which students might have otherwise not considered.

We at AYF also understand what is expected of an undergraduate education today. Beyond offering access to courses at a world-class university and in-depth academic advising, we also help students immerse themselves in the German language and culture, encourage involvement in extracurricular activities to connect to the local community and seek to further their career development through an optional internship program offered during the spring term.


To help your student thrive in a different cultural and academic setting, AYF maintains a program office in Freiburg staffed by experienced local staff. An American professor from one of our partner universities will be in Freiburg for whole academic year to assist and advise your student.

In this way, each AYF student can custom-build their own curriculum designed to challenge but not overwhelm the student – while staying on track to graduate on time! Credits earned in Freiburg transfer back as U.S. credits.

AYF students enroll in a customized combination of program courses and a variety of courses at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität (University of Freiburg) and other local educational institutions.

Program participants are enrolled as full-time non-degree seeking students at the University of Freiburg and have access to almost all fields of study (only medicine, psychology, and pharmaceutical studies are not open to our students).

In addition, program participants may …

  • take special topics courses offered exclusively to AYF students
  • enroll in additional language courses (up to 130 hours intensive language training)
  • take language and culture courses at the university’s Language Teaching Institute
  • register as a guest student at Freiburg’s University of Education
  • participate in the credit-bearing AYF Internship Program

More information regarding advising and courses can be found in the Courses section of this webpage.