Guides & Information

In this subsection of the website you can find AYF Handbooks, detailed program calendars, and other useful information and forms, including bank transfer routing forms.

You can also access a variety of “How to” guides such as “How to use the Freiburg University course catalog” or compact directions to the dorms.

Current AYF students, please note:

Memos, presentations, handouts, course descriptions et cetera will be distributed through a Dropbox folder set up specifically for your year (AYF Student Downloads YYYY-YY). Please watch your e-mail for an invitation to sign up for this folder.


AYF Program Handbook 2021-22

AYF On-Site Handbook 2021-22

AYF Program Handbook 2022-23

AYF On-Site Handbook 2022-23

Sierra and Kate with Handbooks

Calendars / Program Dates

AYF Calendar 2021-22

AYF Calendar 2022-23

Housing Guide and Cost Information

AYF Housing Information and Cost 2021-22

AYF Housing Information and Cost 2022-23

Travel to Freiburg, Germany

Train Schedule Frankfurt – Freiburg for Arrival Day 2022

Train Schedule Zurich – Freiburg for Arrival Day 2022

Bus Schedule Airport Basel/Muhouse – Freiburg

Freiburg Airport Express Bus webpage and booking site

How-to-Guides for Course Catalogs

User Guide – Course Catalog Uni Freiburg

User Guide – Course Catalog Pädagogische Hochschule

Bank Transfers to Germany

Routing form for student accounts at Volksbank Freiburg

Sending Mail to Germany

User Guide – Sending Mail to AYF students and Customs Issues