Housing options

For the full-year program, AYF arranges for housing in university dormitories, located a tram, bus or bike ride from campus. AYF students live in 13 different buildings in four different residence hall complexes.

dorms -- Leila Abbey Steph in the KitchenStudents can choose to live in suite- or corridor-style single rooms grouped with other students’ rooms or in independent efficiency apartments. Rooms range in size from about 120 to 140 square feet. All rooms are wired for internet and outfitted with basic furnishings. Internet service is included in the rent, and the rent is subsidized.

Each dormitory unit has shared kitchen facilities, and many students prepare their own meals. Students are eligible to eat in any of the university cafeterias, where food is available at very reasonable rates.

Information about the current cost of rent at the residence hall complexes can be found on the Guides & Information page.

What’s included in an AYF apartment when I arrive?

  • Bed: frame, mattress (pillow, sheets, and comforter can be pre-ordered prior to arrival)
  • Closet or other storage, often a shelf
  • Work area: desk, chair, lamp
  • Kitchen: stovetop, refrigerator, oven (some efficiencies don’t have an oven)
  • Internet connection (by cable; can be connected to wireless router)
  • Central washing and dryer facilities
  • Bike parking area

What is a WG (veh-geh)?

In much of the German-speaking world, Wohngemeinschaften (WGs for short) are the main mode of accommodation for students and young professionals. WGs offer communal living for around 4-10 people, in which each flatmate has their own room but shares communal bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. While WGs may sound similar to college apartments in the United States, an important difference is that many flatmates do not know each other before moving in together.

dorms -- Kelly Karsten Pete not much room to eatIt is the responsibility of each and every flatmate to make sure that the WG space (the apartment as such) and the WG community are kept in good condition. Household chores often rotate weekly to make sure that each flatmate is doing their fair share. In a WG, it is very important to set house rules as soon as possible so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Finally, while it might seem like a foreign concept to many Americans, oftentimes appliances, silverware, dishes, furniture, etc. are shared amongst all flatmates and are said to “belong to the WG”.

Many of the housing options offered by AYF are set up in this style, meaning students are often living directly with German or international students. Living in a WG may take a bit of time to get used to but many former students are glad that they had the chance to try out a new living style and make some good friends. If you desire more privacy, some efficiency apartments are available as well.

The following pages provide an overview of the type of housing that is available to AYF participants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or connect with current students through our Facebook group if you have additional questions.