Health and Safety

The Academic Year in Freiburg assists students in managing their health needs while abroad. For the benefit of your students, we have developed a network of medical professionals and counselors working in English.

Professional staff will accompany students to doctor’s appointments upon request and act as the student’s advocate in case of hospitalization, if and when it is indicated. Health and safety issues, including mental health issues, are addressed during orientation and throughout the year.

The program provides a comprehensive health and liability insurance package.

Students managing chronic medical issues are advised to bring with them at least two to three months worth of medication, thus allowing time to establish a working relationship with a physician in Freiburg and obtain prescription medicine. Mailing medication from outside the European Union is illegal and packages containing medicine will be destroyed or returned to sender by customs officers. To plan ahead, students are welcome to contact the Program Director, Ulrich Struve, with questions about the availability of specific medication.

Additionally, students are recommended to register with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and should remain in contact with AYF staff during emergency situations and when traveling out of Freiburg.

Health and Insurance

AYF participants carry two types of health insurance during their Academic Year in Freiburg:  1) an international health and travel insurance that covers medical repatriation, should it be needed (GeoBlue, International SOS, or CISI); 2) German statutory health insurance (coverage starts October 1 when the German fall term officially begins).

Students traveling in Europe prior to the beginning of the program may wish to consider additional insurance options. Coverage prior to the beginning of the program cannot be obtained through AYF and is the student’s responsibility.

Liability Insurance

AYF students will be covered by personal liability insurance throughout the program. This insurance will save the student substantial expenses if they should cause an accident, damage another person’s property inadvertently, etc.

Please note: Items that a student borrows from someone else, regardless of whether the lender is a private person or a business, are not and cannot be covered by personal liability insurance.