Studentendorf Stühlinger

Stühlinger, named after the district it is located in, is only minutes from both the university and city center. This proudly multicultural and lively district is only 10 walking minutes away from the main train station.

Students are housed in a former French military hospital complex in 4- to 8-room apartments or WG-style apartments (flat-sharing communities).

Nearby parks and a lively local scene provide a nice break from the demands of studying to the students living in Stühlinger.

House 41i was built and inaugurated in 2010.


4 rooms in an older building (41b)

6 rooms in the newest building (41i)


Engelbergerstraße 41b or 41i, 79106 Freiburg

Internet Service Provider


Tel: (0621) 483 481 60


Arriving in Stühlinger

From the tram stop on the bridge overlooking the main train station (Hauptbahnhof)

  • Take tram 1 in the direction of “Landwasser”, tram 2 in the direction of “Hornusstraße”, tram 3 in the direction of “Munzinger Straße”, or tram 4 in the direction of “Messe Freiburg” and get off at the first stop, “Eschholzstraße”
  • Exit the tram going left onto Eschholzstraße and then turn right onto Engelbergerstraße
  • The Stühlinger dormitory is only a few meters away at Engelbergerstraße 41