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Green City Freiburg – Your Pathway to Europe

The Academic Year in Freiburg has offered a high-quality study abroad program to university students for over 60 years. Do you have the desire to immerse yourself in German culture and explore Europe?
Join us to make your study abroad dream come true!

Tell me more about AYF
  • The organization and support we had from Ulli and our professors was fantastic. Freiburg is an incredibly beautiful city, and, above all, I met some amazing friends that I am still in close contact with today despite the fact that we are scattered all over the world!
    Adam Kirchner

  • I really appreciated all the different course options offered to us. We could choose between the AYF classes, SLI classes, Uni Freiburg classes, PH classes, classes at the language school…  the paperwork was also made very simple.
    Alyssa Bryl
  • As a student of finance, return on investment has always been important to me. Nothing can compare to the full immersion experience of studying abroad in Freiburg and the skill set I developed during that year. They contributed substantially to my competitive advantage in obtaining two internships in Frankfurt, the first in investment banking and the second in asset management.
    Miles Edwards
  • The AYF program allowed me to become immersed in the study of German literature for a full year, and it was absolutely essential to my subsequent academic career. I have recently taken a position as Assistant Professor of German at Emory University, and I can say for certain now that AYF was crucial in starting my academic career.
    Paul Buchholz
  • The greatest thing about the AYF program is the outstanding way in which students are truly integrated into the University of Freiburg and do not solely exist in an American bubble. I felt in good hands from the first day on! Experiencing another culture in such an authentic and genuine way showed me that my American way of thinking about the world didn't have to be the only way.
    Sarah Mamer

Impressions of Freiburg