AYF Students in Concert
Achievement Award 2016

Meine Ruh ist hin …

AYF Students in Concert

On Monday, June 6, 2016, AYF students entertained an audience of about 90 guests in the beautiful rococo hall of the Haus zur Lieben Hand.

Under the title “Meine Ruh ist hin, mein Herz ist schwer: An American perspective on German Romanticism” they presented their very own and very personal approach to “Die schöne Müllerin” by Franz Schubert, impressing the audience with their singing and acting, and with their charming and witty interpretation of the story.

“Reading”, or rather singing, a series of love letters that Brendan Hanrahan as young miller journeyman Franz Wilhelm (poet and composer) had addressed to her, Megan Henry (soprano) impressed the audience with her vocal performance. Herbert Schiffels provided excellent piano accompaniment.

Emily Gengler as Professor for German Romanticism and German Humor and Mitchell Mantey as student journalist framed the concert with an “interview” conducted for the university radio station. As the consulting expert on German Humor, Emily informed the audience that there had been, indeed, humorous lines in the original poetry that Schubert chose to delete.

Mitchell, doubling as hunter and Casanova, sang the merriment-enducing “Ich brech die Herzen der stolzesten Frau’n” with great gusto to woo the miller’s daughter.  But in our students’ charming rewrite, the young journeyman and the miller’s daughter do get together eventually – and all is well that ends well.

At the beginning of the evening, Resident Director Prof. Sabine Mödersheim (UW-Madison) had welcomed the audience and introduced Kim Mueller, Vice Chair of AYF Alumni & Friends e.V., the European chapter of your very own AYF / JY alumni club.

Members of AYF Alumni & Friends offered beverages and snacks before and after the concert. The audience was invited to stay and chat under the stars in the lovely court yard of the Haus zur Lieben Hand.

Reactions to the concert and feedback regarding the event ranged from very positive to enthusiastic. Audience members clearly enjoyed themselves, and our young alumni hosted their first successful fundraising event. They were wonderfully gracious host for the evening, and we are looking forward to similar collaborations in the future!